SiteXcell Testimonials

Thanks Dennis, Great report.

That is wonderful news! Thanks Dennis, you have carried out a superb job in such quick time!

Your patience and persistence has paid off – well done and many thanks!

siteXcell provided us with a comprehensive report that helped us achieve a considerably higher and faster result than we initially anticipated.

Dennis provided me with advice on a specific telco tower. He was responsive and had very good knowledge of the issue at hand. Dennis was very professional in his approach and provided sound and helpful advice. I would not hesitate to use Dennis again for other related matters.

Having Dennis assist with the negotiations of our Towers made the transaction progress without a hitch. His professionalism and knowledge were invaluable.

The final siteXcell reports provided a comprehensive assessment of our sites with summaries of actions and recommendations. The recommendations achieved a number of beneficial outcomes relating to OH&S and access protocols. The reports also provided valuable information which enabled improved commercial outcomes when negotiating with Telecommunication providers.

I do believe your services with siteXcell did help us achieve a far better financial outcome and mitigated many of the pitfalls we would not been aware of. Your services were well worth the fee and happy to recommend you . Thanks again

Dear Dennis,
Thank you for protecting the interests of this institution’s property portfolio, both financially and strategically.
Your ability to recover costs we incurred was a value-add part of your service we had not anticipated. The lease terms and conditions achieved within the tight statutory timeframe also accorded with the institution’s expectations and reflected the market value of the mobile cell sites we provided.
Yours sincerely

siteXcell was crucial to my recent negotiations with a major telco; their knowledge of the industry helped achieve a rental outcome that a private owner might otherwise not have achieved.

Dennis and siteXcell was the cause for totally turning our desperate situation around to a much better outcome. We have no hesitation in recommending Dennis & siteXcell to anyone who has a Telco problem.
As a general statement, we found siteXcell:
- was very professional
- has an in depth knowledge of the industry
- has integrity
- has great capacity for work
- has foresight & plans ahead
- gently led an unknowing Body Corporate into the world of Telco negotiations
- has a friendly, helpful manner that is very conducive to forming a good team