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Telco Tower Leasing in NSW

The state of New South Wales has the highest amount of registered mobile sites in Australia, followed closely by Victoria. It has been reported that there are over 16,000 mobile network base stations across Australia. Based on past calculations, NSW had approximately 32% of the total mobile sites.

With the largest Australian city of Sydney and the surrounding population, it is no surprise that NSW has an estimated 5000 mobile network sites, including towers, rooftops and building installed Distributed Antenna Systems or DAS.

In addition to the typical mobile rooftop and tower leasing projects for Sydney and the surrounding areas, we have assisted owners with mobile sites in regional NSW, extending our state reach with mobile tower and rooftop leases from Lennox Head in the north to Eden in the south of NSW.

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) have been active in varying degrees but we expect further mobile deployment in NSW as a result of various factors. In Vodafone's case it will probably be to catch up on site deployment and network modifications as a result of network related complaints. Optus Mobile is also doing a bit of catch up as a result of reported network difficulties, but we have seen them engaged in land banking of sites, which is where a property owner or manager is approached with a mobile lease tentative offer, and which may or may not be taken up by Optus later. While this practice may be considered cost effective for Optus Mobile, it is quite a time consuming and potentially costly exercise for the owner of a potential mobile tower or rooftop lease.

Telstra is still actively building out their 3G and 4G networks in NSW and have launched their 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in parts of NSW. They have stated to us that their mobile network data usage doubles every 6 months so it is no wonder that building and network upgrade activities for all mobile carriers operating in NSW will need to keep up with demand or suffer the consequences, as we have seen in the past. With the proliferation of smart phones such as the iPhone and android-based phones, data usage will not be going down any time soon.

We believe another reason for the major mobile carrier tower and rooftop activities, in addition to upgrades and new sites for capacity and coverage, is that all the carriers would like to capture all the customers they can prior to the commissioning of the National Broadband Network (NBN), which may compete for fixed line customers in need of a large bandwidth service.

Whilst we are based near Sydney, we can help our clients deal with an individual site or a portfolio of telco sites anywhere in NSW. For instance, we have assisted NSW telco tower, rooftop and building based portfolios for NSW State Government entities, NSW Councils, Universities, entertainment venues, banks, property developers, NSW private telco property lessors, as well as publically listed NSW based property trusts.

Please contact us for a free quote. We will take a quick look at your situation and will not accept a commission unless we think we can be of assistance.